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Drug and alcohol abuse is a very big problem in the country. That’s the reason why rehab facilities are being established, to answer this problem as thoroughly as possible. There are many sources of drug activity that supply Arizona, Texas, Florida, New York and many others.

Methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana and heroin are among those drugs which continue to gain popularity among their abusers. However, methamphetamine use and production has been on the rise in the last few years. There are rehabilitation facilities all over the country to respond to the needs of all regions to eradicate the addiction to drugs and alcohol. Sadly, these facilities are not enough to cater to all the needs of the country.

Drug and alcohol abusers usually do not seek treatment. The reason is that they fear humiliation and discrimination from people in the society, the struggles with getting sober and the unknown aspects that it may entail. Being into “rehab” gives a different connotation to many individuals. They are judged according to their past experiences and rumors. If you are in need of a rehab program please call 800-303-4372 for immediate assistance.

Rehab Program

Some of the facilities that exist are Comprehensive Pathway Community Behavioral Healthcare Inc., Valley Hope Association, and Mental Health Services Inc. with National Detox Center of St Louis Inc. These offer the different treatment programs in various states.

An abuser who is willing to go into treatment must first begin with choosing the program that fits the sort of drug addiction involved. There are a variety of programs offered. The most well-known is called an inpatient drug treatment program wherein the individual will live together with other addicts in a home-like environment. They are monitored all throughout the length of treatment, which usually ranges from six to twelve months.

There is another type of program which is outpatient drug abuse treatment. Unlike the inpatient program, this one lasts for only three to six months. Moreover, the addict will have to live at home and have a schedule on when to visit the facility. In this type of treatment, it is important to prevent relapse.

That’s where aftercare programs are important. After all, recovery is a continuous process to keep the treatment effective. Therapies are being offered such as group therapies with fellow addicts, cognitive behavioral therapies, and family therapies.

The last type of treatment is the detoxification program which gets the toxins out of the body. There are Two Types of Detoxification – Alcohol and drug detoxification programs. The alcohol detoxification program is to get rid the toxins brought about by alcohol, and so as with drugs. There are various medications which may be implemented to help.

On the other hand, the drug detoxification program has three phases. The medical detoxification where drugs are withdrawn from the body guided by physicians and nurses. The next phase is the physical detoxification. A nutritionist evaluates this phase to make the addict regain physical wellness.

The third and last phase is the emotional detoxification wherein a counselor is in-charge to help the addicts become emotionally fit from the experiences they encountered. Call 800-303-4372 for help to guide you and your loved one in choosing the right facility and program that suits your needs. Help is just a call away.

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